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Our Programs

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The Melbourne University Family Club offers both long day care and a kindergarten program, with learning tailored for four specific groups: nursery, toddlers, pre-kinder and kindergarten.

We are a small centre, with a maximum of 47 children across the co-op. 

The Curriculum

Our curriculum is built upon a play-based approach that engages with and speaks to the National and Early Years Learning Frameworks. Our work is influenced by an eclectic group of theorists such as Vygotsky, Gardner, Reggio, Dewey and Brofenbrenner, and is underpinned by an acknowledgement of the critical role that healthy social and emotional wellbeing plays in a child’s overall successful development.

Why play based learning?

The play-based learning approach has been repeatedly proven successful, with an ever-increasing body of research supporting it. Its success is mainly due to the fact that play engages children voluntarily and cuts across class, gender and race, and promotes all areas of development. Our pedagogy provides for integrated teaching and learning approaches with high expectations for every child. We strive to be a family-centred practice, engaging families on many levels; equity and diversity is respected at all times. Above all, our approach has a focus on social and emotional wellbeing, respect for culture, diversity and the environment, and nurtures and fosters a love of learning.

Storypark for Families

Our programs, along with the development and routines of each child, are documented daily through the Storypark for Families app. Featuring room reflections, learning stories and community announcements, Storypark is an easy and efficient way to encourage communication between families and educators.

Quality Rating

The Melbourne University Family Club program is proud to be rated 'Exceeding' by the ACECQA (Australian Children's Education & Care Authority).

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"We love the yummy, nutritious meals they offer (prepared by the onsite cook), and reading the monthly menu often fills us with food envy!"

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